Nataniel is a fantastic mechanic and a wonderful family man. He has reasonable rates and can be trusted. A wonderful Christian man who trusts the Lord with his business. He will give you the shirt off his back.

Doug I.

Fremont, CA

I went to this place to get a pre-purchase inspection of a vehicle. They were very friendly, efficient, and professional. Nate was awesome and provided me with a detailed repair list and gave me some great advice. I highly recommend this shop.

Mike S.

San Jose, CA

I have had two of my cars worked on there recently. Had great service! The first car they fixed an issue with the electronics, the engine and power would randomly shit off. Second time I had oil change and new tire put on.

Benjie C.

Fremont, CA

I love Chris and Jim (owner) at Kenco. Before i gave up my 2001 Land Rover for good, they were straight up and honest with everything that was going on, even down to me getting rid of the car because I would be exhausting more expenses than the truck was worth. Even since I bought my new car, I stay with them for regular maintenance and recommend EVERYONE to them! Thank you Kenco for always being there!

Marie M.

Newark, CA

I have been coming to Kenco automotive for a while now and I trust them to get any major repair done right and the customer service is superb.

First experience I brought them a 1998 Oldsmobile cutlass that had  a leak on the head gasket and the owner advise me to do a full head gasket job and replace all the seals and also some other  tune ups for a car with 60,000 miles on it, needless to say the Oldsmobile now has 130,000 miles and the parents could not be happier with the car. at the time I was a recent college graduate and Chris and the owner work with me to get a very competitive price on all my repairs. 

Second experience a 1997 Toyota 4Runner which they replace the head gasket seals, fixed a fuel injector issue, shocks and other tune ups for a car with 150,000 miles. The 4 runner is now at 200,000 miles and runs like it just rolled out of the dealership. they knockout the work in less than 4days and the process was painless. Even though they were $50-$100 dollars more expensive than the competitors I chose Kenco  Automotive because their initial estimates are very accurate and they will get you on the road ASAP. 

Third experience, I did not shop around at all this time, I did my homework on parts pricing before dropping my car off with Chris and he got back to me with a reasonable quote and I gave him the  go ahead and in less than to days I had my 2002 Chevy Avalanche with new shocks, new brakes( including emergency brakes as well), serpentine belt, oil change, and brand new tires (Chris help to get the best deal possible on a great set of tires) Chris further saved me money and helped me stay under my initial budget by suggesting to hold off on unnecessary services that could wait for the next major tune up.  

Bottom line- They have earned my trust (hence my first Yelp review ) and if you got any major work to be done on your car I would bring it here first if you live in the Newark / Fremont area.

Gabriel C.

Newark, CA

I've been using Kenco for 3 years and always been impressed by their excellent work and fair prices, regardless of the size of the job. They really value their customers and have been so helpful with the smaller jobs like repairing tires and fixing electrics on the spot. Recently they repaired a broken hitch and rewired my electrics after the trailer I pulled damaged them,and did a top quality job. Chris, Jim and the team are top quality and I recommend them very highly.

Jonathan W.

Newark, CA

These Guys are Awesome! I was considering buying a used vehicle and called them up for a pre-purchase inspection. They kept the shop open an extra 30 minutes just to work me in. They did a test drive, engine inspection, and elevated the car to check out the frame. They actually discovered that the car had been in a sizable collision that had screwed up the alignment (of course the seller had no idea that the car was previously in an accident). I am so glad that I visited them and would highly recommend that you and anyone you know go to Kenco.

Geoff P.

Berkeley, CA

I have to write this review as Kenco saved me $600! My service engine soon light came on and I took my Nissan 3.5 to my regular auto repair shop. They did a diagnosis and told me both solenoid valves needed replacing - $650. And they charged me $45 for the diagnostics!
This mechanic has always been good to me - but this seemed like a lot of money. My friend recommended getting a second opinion at Kenco as they had been going there forever.
First contact on the phone with Chris was extremely pleasant. He really has an excellent manner - and meeting him in person was no different - really great individualised customer service. When I picked up my car about 4 hrs later (yah it was quick!), Jim explained he had done a diagnostic test (for free) and had changed the oil as it was really low. This was a recommendation on the diagnostic code to try first before changing out the solenoids. Well, the oil was low and just changing it did the trick. The engine light has remained out! The other shop didn't even consider trying this. Jim also explained to me exactly how and when the service light had come on.

As a single woman, I really appreciate the honesty from this company - not to mention the excellent customer service. I am sooo happy I didn't have to pay out all that money! Thanks Kenco for a wonderful auto experience and you are now MY mechanic!

Julie O.

Fremont, CA

These guys are great. I'm used to obnoxious service at car places, but the guys I met here were friendly and respectful. They give free inspections to AAA members -- something most AAA shops charge you $100 for. On top of that, they diagnosed and reset the SRS light that had come on in my car in about 10 minutes and didn't charge me.

Can't speak to the quality of their repair work, but you can definitely count on these guys to provide honest appraisals and approachable service. Judging by the other reviews though, it seems like they do reliable work too.

Chen L.

Berkeley, CA

Wow! First time customer and it won't be the last. I called at 8am and asked if I could bring my Lexus RX300 in to look at the transmission. They said bring it now and I did. A few hours later they gave me a status report by phone. A few hours after that my wife was using it for grocery shopping. Impressive. Very friendly, very quick, and reasonable prices. Saved me money not going to the dealer. A+

Robert P.

Newark, CA

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